Altogether: We Are One

Presented by The Sisterhood of All Women on Earth and The Brave Brothers

Month: February 2016

An Invitation to You


This may be the call you have been waiting to receive. If you are like me, and most people, we are feeling like something is about to happen; but what and where?Logo Emblem

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On March 8th, 2016 (also recognized as International Women’s Day) at 1 PM, you are invited to a day like no other. This first event, or movement, is titled “Altogether: We Are One.

Where we already live in a culture that sings, dances, and shines of the Aloha Spirit. We live in a culture that deals with their personal relationships through ho’oponopono. We take from all the weavers of our wise ancestors and now ourselves begin to weave a golden web of love and light across and around the entire Hawaii island.

Through this journey we shall explore the energy centers within ourselves through movement, meditation, vibration and light. This four part event series will culminate with the completion of our golden grid and the expression of true love and light that resides within us all.

We ask you to help us in strengthening this golden grid by joining us in combining our conscious intent and powers of creation and manifestation to become evolutionary agents of change, shaping and creating our future paradigm, and ushering in the next round of civilization.



The Sisterhood of All Women on Earth & The Brave Brothers & Off The Grid Productions


March 8th 2016 is one for the record books

When envisioning this event, as it was just a thought sparked out of the ether, the date of March 8th was very clear and present to us as the date for Altogether: We Are One. What we had yet to figure out, was how important this day was on it’s own.

To start, March 8th is International Women’s Day across the globe. In 2016, the UN’s theme is “Make It Happen.” To celebrate equality and initiative aligns with the goals of Altogether: We Are One so synchronistically, that it was a pleasant surprise to find this day coinciding with our event. But that’s just the beginning.

Additionally, March 8th marks the beginnings of the first of this year’s six supermoons. In addition to the new moon, the moon will be at it’s closest approach to the earth on this day. But the moon isn’t the only one celebrating a milestone day. Tuesday will also be a Total Solar Eclipse, with Hawaii being one of the two states in the U.S. that has the pleasure of viewing the tail end of this amazing astrological event.

Last, but certainly not least, our evening skygazing will have a guest of honor as Earth passes between the sun and Jupiter. This is known as Jupiter in Opposition and usually coincides with Jupiter being at it’s closest approach to the Earth. Jupiter will be the second brightest planet in the sky, next to Venus, but as Venus only appears in the morning, Jupiter will be shining it’s light on us all night! Using binoculars, we will be able to view four of Jupiter’s moons as well!

With so many synchronistic astronomical and global events coinciding on this day, it is sure to be matched by no other. We’re looking forward to all of you joining us.

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LASTLY! We’ve lowered the price! Come one and all and help us to begin this golden grid of love and light!



Aloha and Welcome


As we get nearer to our inaugural event we are getting more excited about the events that will transpire that day! First and foremost: We’ve lowered the price! It is now, and ever shall be, $25 in advance of the event or $30 at the door on the day of the event.

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We are honored to announce the addition of Kirby Jacobson, Iolani Deva, and John Adams to our list of presenters for our journey through the 1st and 2nd energy centers of our bodies.

Since 1991 Kirby Jacobson has taught a variety of yoga systems from India, China, and Tibet and given seminarskirby jacobsonin many areas of the world. He is accredited in Nath and Tantric Kriya yoga spiritual traditions and is authorized to initiate in breath practices and goddess pujas. He has studied first nation teachings and incorporates these into a nature based spiritual approach.


Iolani Deva is a tantrika yogini and has been on this path since 1975. She has been leading Sacred Tantra Ceremonies for 8 years here on the Big Island. She is a Belly Dancer and has danced professionally since 1998. She is a very earthy, grounded, and nurturing type person.


John Adams is an acupuncturist, zen shiatsu, and movement therapy specialist and Qigong master.

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