Aloha again at eight days until liftoff!

First we must stress, this is FAR from being all work, and no play! Check out our EVENTS page for up-to-date notifications on what to bring, what to expect, and itinerary updates. As always, check out the NEWS section for all of our announcement articles.

Sacred geometry with chakra icons colorful background

In addition to the presenters mentioned in our previous post, we’re continuing to add to the education, entertainment, and overall experience for our March 8th event. If you haven’t already, please RSVP on our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE as “Going” if you’re planning to attend, or “Interested” if you are on the fence. You’ll be sure to get updates there in the most timely fashion. If you are not on Facebook, please keep checking the website for new information via our NEWS section, or email us by CLICKING HERE.

In addition to our body work, meditation, and exercises to help explore and open our first two chakras, we’ll have several informative presentations and discussions about relevant tools to help in our exploration. We’ll be sharing crystals, aromatherapies,  sound therapy, and other tools that assist in charging and cleansing our root and sacral chakras.

We will have entertainment during the dinner at 5:30, with musical stylings by a local young prodigy. We’ll also have a sound and light systems setup by Off The Grid Productions. Near the end of the event, we will transition into a celebration with music and dancing into the night! Consider it a reward for the exploration and work we’ll be doing on ourselves, and what better way to highlight our first two chakras then utilizing movement and deep music, all on the hallowed ground of the Big Island!

Please feel free to contact us by email or Facebook with any questions, remarks, or volunteering.


Altogether: We Are One