This may be the call you have been waiting to receive. If you are like me, and most people, we are feeling like something is about to happen; but what and where?Logo Emblem

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On March 8th, 2016 (also recognized as International Women’s Day) at 1 PM, you are invited to a day like no other. This first event, or movement, is titled “Altogether: We Are One.

Where we already live in a culture that sings, dances, and shines of the Aloha Spirit. We live in a culture that deals with their personal relationships through ho’oponopono. We take from all the weavers of our wise ancestors and now ourselves begin to weave a golden web of love and light across and around the entire Hawaii island.

Through this journey we shall explore the energy centers within ourselves through movement, meditation, vibration and light. This four part event series will culminate with the completion of our golden grid and the expression of true love and light that resides within us all.

We ask you to help us in strengthening this golden grid by joining us in combining our conscious intent and powers of creation and manifestation to become evolutionary agents of change, shaping and creating our future paradigm, and ushering in the next round of civilization.



The Sisterhood of All Women on Earth & The Brave Brothers & Off The Grid Productions