Aloha, Hola, Aho!   “ Altogether We Are One” meets again…


The Second Event is nearing… this gathering will go on from where we left off…

Now, more grounded, more open to life, and true to self.


We’ll focus on our third and fourth levels of consciousness and energy :

Into the fire of our SolarPlexus to the open air of our Heart. Or…




Saturday, JUNE 18, 2016


Arrive from 1pm to register, meeting old and new friends and set up tents.

if you are staying the night.  Rental house is not available this meeting.

2 PM Program begins.

Iolani and Kirby are returning with more exercises and wisdom.

The music play list and live music is developing. So are some other surprises.


FOOD WILL BE FUN AND TASTY…we are all being requested to bring one topping for the :            ALTOGETHER WE ARE ONE- ULTIMATE SALAD BAR

Bring one family portion topping you enjoy upon a salad i.e. olives, pickles, onions bacon, tuna, garlic, peppers Tomatoes, Kale, Chard, radishes etc. etc. (UNDERSTAND:  just one favorite item you enjoy upon the greens we provide.  Get IT?)

We will offer soup, bread, butter.


We have an issue. We need help to get the word out. Please send to friends who are people like you who really want to create health and balance for the good of all in our World . We are creating a golden grid of love and light island wide.


I have sent a couple emails but our poster situation is troubling. We just haven’t advertised well enough again. We hope all the beautiful, aware people on this island can find out about this June 18th event.. Please ask your acquaintances to check on:

Altogether We Are One on Facebook and


We still need volunteers , registration table, food service, reaching out to new folks.

You are welcome to our planning meeting Sat. June 4 call S at 9280151.


Start feeling the “fire in your belly” as we plan ahead.

almost forgot…$20.00 event fee

S, Zack, Faith, Jimmy and Bobby